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About the game

Pinatamasters is a funny and amazing game in which you will need to save your world from the pinata invade.

In this game, you will need to use your finger to control your character to help him shoot the pinatas which will give you a lot of gold with which you can make upgrades to the ammo, power of the gun, or to buy new guns la a MAC or a new and powerful pistol which will deal more damage. When you will enter for the first time in this game, you will need to follow a short story in which you will see what you have to do and why. You need to be careful because, at every level, you can spam ammo in pinatas, but remain 1 bullet difference to the end. You need to be faster but good. You need to be careful too at the bosses, which have obstacles to make you miss your shot.

Pinatamasters is a funny game, and you will enjoy it a lot!